My 00:45 thoughts

Dear someone overseas

You'll always be everything to me

The first person i'll always compare to anyone i met

You were the light of my life

By loving you deeply it has already give me so much joy and spirit to live in this world

Sounds so cheesy i know

But i've never love anyone again until now like the way i love you

There's a part of me that will always be yours 

And i'll cherish it forever to ever love you in my life

It doesn't sounds so stupid anymore because i know you love me too from the beginning

But time and the situation make it so hard for us to be together 

How do i know if you were the love of my life?

Because i think if you were broke or you're not this kind of person but gembel di jalanan and i know you personally i'll still fall for you

They say that love is blind and i think that's true cause i've never blind in love until i met you

I can't wait to see the future to see how God works to my pray after all this time

Is it you are going to marry me and we will live happily ever after or i end up marrying someone else but carry your last name to my son? 

Because i already think if maybe one day i'll marry someone else and he's not you but i love him and suddenly i met you again and we both spend time together for a week or maybe for a month i'll definitely will fall for you again. 

Feelings matter most than any physical contact, i thought.

Just so you know, you are my first real love.


A Letter to You

"If I could tell you the things that had been
  Interrupted my mind
  There's something about you that I can't
  Replace with anyone else
  As the time goes by
  You've passed my mind sometimes..
  I'm glad to know that you still the same
  If I had the courage to make a story about us
  Maybe one day..
  You will open your eyes
  and maybe one day I will.

  I missed you again, probably.
  Remembering the moments when I'm with you
  Being by your side makes me feel  alive again.
  Would you say the things that you do really wanted to tell me?" -E.T

That Moment

"I wish I had a particular time
  to put my eyes on you
  I wish I had this feeling
  I almost fall down on my knees
  I fall hard, I won't
  Seen you, my heart beats
  like a love parade
  I guess I want to stay
  In here..
  Watching you..
  and staring at me.." -E.T


"I remember all the things that you've been said to me
  was it just to bother me or sounded care to me
  all I know it is your heart
  that had stolen by someone that you've stole at first" - E.T

How I missed you that night

"I'm searching for hope between you and me
  Late night upon the windows I see those rain falling through the ground
  I lay my head in this chair and listening to our song
  My mind flew away to the place where we used to be
  I'm so much in love with our memories..

  So.. now tell me
  What can I do to make us meant to be
  In this big whole world
  The only person I want to live in this world with was you
  Don't think too much
  With what happen to us

  We were still in love with each other
  But the truth is we doubt it
  It hurts to passed the day without you
  When I tell people I was tired
  In reality I was just sad

  Just don't
  Keep me coming back for more" - E.T


"He was come in a sudden moments
  he was made me think about the 'last time person'
  he was cold like a room without a hole and full of wind
  he was made me really sad and made me really happy too
  he is such a person that can make me feel the one and only when he talk to you
  he made me lost something I never had...
  and he make me think about true love..." -E.T

The Myth of 23

"I never know what God has planned for me
  well, you know the feeling that you had when you meet someone
  that you think that they was meant to be with me
  but, I shall tell you what I had, I love him, but he never been mine
  then it was just six month that we had together arround
  one thing I keep wondering, what's the meaning from a God plan
  in our meeting moments.
  I wish I know how to make him stay.
  but I can't...
  and now I'm alone
  wondering why I'm still waiting..." -E.T